2 thoughts on “Pastor Lamb’s Sermon Sunday March 22”

  1. Hi Matt,
    I enjoyed this sermon-great work! It has been a long time-since the days at Lake State. My sister Sandy told me you were Pastor here and had sermons on line. With the current situation it was the perfect opportunity to catch up. Kandy and I live in Milford Michigan and have for about 20 years. I just retired last August. My best to you and your family.
    God bless you.

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    1. Hello, Dave. Great to hear from you and glad you can connect online. Hope the sermons and Bible studies are helpful. As you had daily involvement in my educational process in those Lake State days, you should bear some responsibility for what you hear. And now that you brought up our Lake State days, I may be inspired to use some of those stories. I usually change the names, of course, but sometimes I slip up.

      Hope you are enjoying your retirement. God’s peace to you and yours!


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