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St James Lutheran Church, ELCA

P.O. Box 156 11118 W 3rd St Rudyard, MI 49780

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Pastor: Rev. Matthew Lamb — cell: 717-805-4210

From Pastor Lamb

Moderation in all things, except…


The first time I heard the phrase “moderation in all things” I was 14 years old and watching the Christmas episode of The Walton’s, a television program of the 1970’s.  The phrase was offered by one of the characters as a philosophy for life and, at the time, it struck me as a good way of thinking.  It seemed to me a way to make life a little simpler because it framed a way to approach people, experiences, and things.  In other words, according to this philosophy, I should not let one thing, person, or experience take an excessively large portion of my time, energy, money, or attention.


For years, this phrase did provide a pretty good baseline for living. (It isn’t found in the Bible, exactly.  The closest the Bible comes is in Philippians 4:5.) I was careful of letting anything consume too much of me (with some significant failures!). Of course, this philosophy didn’t always work.  As I grew older I could see that there were things that shouldn’t be tried at all and ideas that led to very dark places that should be avoided completely.  Did I want to try every substance that I was offered? No.  Did I want to say words or take actions that caused pain or hardship at the expense of others? Not as a rule.  In addition, I discovered something that could be, should be, pursued beyond moderation.  This was a direction that I had heard many times in my life, but it took a long time to grow in my mind to point I could see it. Maybe you’ve heard it, too: If you want to follow me (Jesus), then deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.  (Mark 8:34). Does that sound extreme to you?  It sure did to me (and it still does).  Did I want to go to this extreme? I decided I did.


So, there were times that my moderate approach was too much and times when it was too little.


It seems, though, that times have changed.  Until recently, I felt I had time to think about the exceptions.


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I didn’t feel like I needed to react quickly to most situations, without taking time to sort things out.  Now, given the pace at which news from everywhere comes at me, it seems I feel expected to shoot from the hip and take sides.  Unfortunately, I am rarely prepared to do this well.  Under this pressure, I try to put new information into categories that are clearly different.  Unfortunately, this often means I describe things in extreme terms so that I can quickly say if they are good or bad, or worthy of my reaction.  When I do this without adequate time to think, I tend to label the people who hold one position or the other (think liberal, conservative, sexist, neo-nazi, gay, patriot, environmentalist, capitalist, etc.).  I label them so that I can more easily sort them out or call them out or stand with them or stand against them.  But when I do that, I diminish them.  I reduce them to their behaviors or ideas.  And it grieves me deeply.  It feels wrong.  It feels extreme.


We are all faced with a steady onslaught of information and news.  I challenge myself and urge you to restrict this flow until it slows down enough that we can think about it and react with the only things that God in Christ were extreme about: extreme patience, extreme kindness, extreme sacrifice, extreme compassion, extreme presence, extreme vulnerability, extreme acceptance – extreme love.


What do you think?  I’d love to know,


Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Lamb



Prayer List  Ruth Griesbach, Gary Salo, MaryAnn Salo, Lisa Basner,  Dinah Savoie, Alan Bjorne, Charlie and Ruth Touple, Richard Savoie, Nancy Nurmi, Amber Chappa McLaren, Alex McCready, Connie Arnett, Mike Ross, Marty Nayback, Crystal Reno, Dan Rose, Cole Nelson, Emily Seifferland, and the family of Heather Hyer.






Evergreen Living Center

Room 408

1140 N. State St.

St. Ignace 49781



510 Ashmun Street Apt.202

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783



Cedar Ridge, Room E3

255 S. Airport Rd.

St. Ignace 49781



622 W. Victory St.

Apt. 209

Newberry, MI 49868



301 24th Ave.

Apt. 110

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49780

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September Birthdays 

9-03  Raya Erfourth

9-04  Ethan Miller

9-08  Paavo Nurmi

9-14  Julie Hauswirth

9-15  Mark Nelson

9-19  Laura Kangas

9-30  Fayda Mills


 September Anniversaries

9-1    Orv & Sue Kabat

9-5    Dennis & Juanita Steikar

9-25   David & Debbie Chick

9-26   Rick & Jan Besteman




Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness;

2 Corinthians 9:10





The WELCA Bake Sale and Michigan Basket Raffle, held at Rudyard Summerfest annually, netted $635 for WELCA missions and activities. Debbie Chick was the lucky winner of the Michigan Basket. Thanks to all who participated! We can’t do it without YOU!



Looking Ahead

October 1: God on the Mountain, Suicide Awareness Music Night, Country Gospel , 7:00 PM, St. James

October 8: Harvest Sunday, auction of harvest bounty, at fellowship/ Blessing of the Quilts, during worship

October 20-21, Friday and Saturday: Pasty Making and Sale


 ELCA Statement

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), stands against all forms of hatred and discrimination. The church believes that cultural, ethnic and racial differences should be seen and celebrated as what God intends them to be—blessings rather than means of oppression and discrimination.

The ELCA’s social statement “Freed in Christ: Race, Ethnicity and Culture” states: “Racism—a mix of power, privilege, and prejudice—is sin, a violation of God’s intention for humanity. The resulting racial, ethnic, or cultural barriers deny the truth that all people are God’s creatures and, therefore, persons of dignity. Racism fractures and fragments both church and society.”

The social statement, adopted by the ELCA 1993 Churchwide Assembly, calls on the church to make confession for complicity, name the spiritual crisis at the roots, commit to change and make pledges to public witness, advocacy and action to confront racism.

“We recognize that the kind of violence we [recently] witnessed in Charlottesville, VA is very real and affects all of us,” said ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton. “We need to stand up firmly against racism and anti-Semitism, show up for and advocate with others. Jesus, who makes visible those who are invisible, is already there. We need to show up, and we need to listen in each of our communities.”

The ELCA is a church that belongs to Christ and Christ’s church universal, where there is a place for everyone. The job of Christ’s people today is to celebrate the diversity of God’s creative work and embrace all people in the spirit of love, whatever race or ethnicity, economic status or gender.

Read the full social statement by going to and typing “Freed in Christ: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture” in the search box.




Men’s Coffee Hour at St. James
Attention men! There is a time to gather for non-digital conversation and coffee and donuts, maybe some toast, too.

St. James Lutheran is offering a community coffee time for men from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM in our fellowship hall. We will be hosting this every Tuesday until further notice.

This is a place and time where men of all ages can gather for simple conversation and fellowship. We are hoping to be available for men who work the day shift so that’s why we’re starting at 6:30 AM. Please spread the word! Remember that this is an offering for the whole community and beyond.



Current Church Financial Information


CHECKING BALANCE 12/31/16 $3,699.37
OFFERING – 1/1 – 7/31/17
 – General 54,578.74
 – Special Offering – Repairs           1,810.00
                                                 – Pasty Sale 4,022.27
 – WELCA 2,000.00
   – Misc Income 929.85
TOTAL DEPOSITS     63,340.86
 – General Expenses -$61,811.68
 – New Furnace, Window & Roof Repairs -$1,963.70
CHECKING BALANCE – 7/31/17 $3,418.55
Net cash flow as of July 31, 2017 = -$280.82



Three Lakes Lay Academy

Fall 2017 Class Offerings

Schedule: Thursdays from September 14 – November 16, 2017

4:00 pm – Exegetical Work – 1st five weeks

                             Christianity in the World – 2nd five weeks

5:30 pm – Shared meal 6:00 pm – Shared Devotions

6:30 pm – New Testament from Romans to Revelation – 10 wks

8:00 pm – Depart


Exegetical Work Develops some of the exegetical tools that are important for the preparation of preaching and teaching.

Rev. Doc. Tom Cook, Interim Pastor, Elk Rapids, MI (Lutheran)

Christianity in the World – Examining the Christian faith foundations among some of the world’s great religious expressions and including some of the variant expressions of Christianity such as Jehovah’s Witness and the Mormon Church.

Rev. David Van Dam – Retired Presbyterian Pastor

Pastor Joe Daiker – Lutheran pastor, Cedarville/Allenville

New Testament from Romans to Revelation – Examining what we learn from the letters, writing, and the apocalyptic literature of the New Testament

Rev. Doc. Kip Murphy – Pastor, Harbor Springs, MI

Pastor David Tielbar – Lutheran pastor, St. Ignace/Brevort

All classes held at:

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 950 Huron St, St. Ignace, MI 49781 (906-643-7870)

Each class is $10 for the semester. Students may be required to purchase books. Scholarships are available. Classes are team taught by Presbyterian and Lutheran teachers.

Please pre-register with David Van Dam, 231-838-9128, or with David Tielbar, 906-643-7870, before September 8, 2017 to make sure you can get books by the first class! For information also contact either one of the David’s

Web address for further information, under “quick links” click on “Three Lakes Lay Academy”.



Thrivent Action Teams are generously funded by Thrivent. Anyone who is a member of Thrivent has an opportunity to apply for a grant twice a year. When approved, you receive a box of information for a successful project, a banner, t-shirts for the group, and a $250 gift card to fund your project.


Cindy Steikar applied on behalf of St. James Quilters and the request was approved. The quilters are making quilts for girls in a foster care facility, fire victims, infants in local hospitals, and people with cancer. (Submitted by Cindy Steikar)







Date  9-03-17                                    

Ushers:                  Marv Erfourth and Dave Erfourth

Lector:                   Dale Hauswirth

Communion Asst:  Julie Hauswirth

Altar Care:             Cindy Kamper

Cleaning:                 Trotter Family

Fellowship:             Ken & Fayda Mills & Kristin Mills

Date:  9-10-17

Ushers:                  Orv & Sue Kabat

Lector:                   Judy Hamilton

Communion Asst:  Jason Miller

Altar Care:            Amy Miller

Cleaning:                Dan & Mary Sherlund & Marv & Raya Erfourth

Fellowship:            Bev Campbell & Sally Wiles


Date:  9-17-17

Ushers:                  Dale & Julie Hauswirth

Lector:                  Amanda Ross

Communion Asst:  Britt Hill

Altar Care:             Lisa Lemmerman

Cleaning:               Ken & Fayda Mills & Dave Erfourth

Fellowship:            Jan Besteman & Raya Erfourth



Date:  9-24-17

Ushers:                 Alice Spring & Karen Carlstedt

Lector:                   Dave Erfourth

Communion Asst:  Jennifer King

Altar Care:             Jennifer King

Cleaning:                Crafters

Fellowship:            Andrea Van Sloten and Robyn Spring

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