Pastor Lamb will be offering First Communion instruction on         Saturday, March 25 AND/OR April 1 at 10 AM (depending on what fits schedules the best). This one-hour class is suitable for children and youth from pre-school through Grade 6 (ages 4-12 years).


Holy Communion is offered at St. James to anyone who desires to meet Christ or receive forgiveness in this community meal through the bread and wine, which is his body and blood that he gave and shed for us.  The instruction will focus on giving younger children a sense of belonging to this community.  An additional focus for the older youth will be more explanation of the source and promises of Holy Communion.  Parents or other guardians (at least one) are required to attend this session with their children.


Please let Pastor Lamb know if you are interested, what days work best for you, or if you have any questions.  First Communion will be offered to these young people at worship on Palm Sunday, April 9.

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